Guitar, Colin, Paris, third quarter of 18th century


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Five-course 18th-century guitar converted to six strings. Front two-piece of medium to fine grain: later tie-bridge of modern form; moustaches and a central pendant ornament from an earlier bridge. Edging of ivory lines, a chequered band of tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl, and purfling, with similar collar to soundhole. The rose of cast or repoussé gilded metal. Ribs and back of figured maple; dart-shaped piece of ?pearwood in joint of ribs at tail. Centre of back and ribs striped, with one wide and two narrow strips of ?pearwood, each strip edged with a line of ebony. Very small tailpin of bone. Ebonised neck with a line of purfling from heel to end of peghead; the front of peghead and sides of fingerboard have two lines of edge-banding. Convex fingerboard with metal frets; five frets on front.