Samson Fox


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Commission from Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Victor von (Graf von Gleichen) — 1891


Samson Fox (1838–1903) of Leeds was an engineer who had made his money in steamships and railways. He was also serving as the elected Mayor of Harrogate when, in 1891, he donated the very substantial sum of £45,000 to build a home for the Royal College of Music. The magnificent building by Sir Arthur Blomfield, which still houses the College today, was opened in 1894 by the Prince of Wales.

Prince Victor von Hohenlohe-Langenborg, Graf von Gleichen (1833–91) was a favourite nephew of Queen Victoria, who first placed him in the Royal Navy. After serving in the Crimean War he left the Navy to study sculpture with William Theed. The Queen, convinced of his talent, later provided him with a studio and many commissions. This is one of his last pieces, completed shortly before his death in 1891. Count Gleichen was also the creator of the statues of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, which stand in the Outer Hall.