Museum collections

Help with searching

General tips

To perform a wildcard search when performing a search, use the “*” operator before or after a string of letters.

Basic searching

To perform a basic search, type one or more words in the search box marked “Search the Collections”.

A basic search will query all key fields of information about objects, including object types, descriptions, and the subjects of iconography, therefore results can take a while to appear. For example, a search for ‘guitar’ will return not only musical instruments, but also objects where guitars are depicted, such as in paintings or drawings.

To do a more specific search, use the advanced search tool, and/or use the Refine search facets in your search results.

‘+’ and ‘-‘ operators can be used to help refine your search queries. For example, a search for:

+cosman +guitar

returns only drawings by the artist Milein Cosman which feature a guitar.

Refine search

When reviewing search results, select the Object typeProduction place, Creator, and Category facet drop-downs to refine your results further.