Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's batons


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Small black and white photo portrait included with four batons used by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. The top baton is labelled “Meg Blane" – October 13 1904, after one of Coleridge-Taylor's compositions. The second baton was burgled from Coleridge-Taylor's house. The thieves, realising it was of no use to them, chopped it into small pieces. The insurance company had them repaired, but the scars are still apparent. The third baton was presented by Brockley and Lewisham Orchestral Society in May 1911. The last baton was presented by the pupils of the M Street High School for Girls. It is made of cedar from Cedar Hill Washington, the location of the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. The baton bears in gold the symbol of the school, the fleur-de-lis.

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