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Musical instruments

MIMO Project

More than 770 instruments from the RCM’s collection, including their photos, are accessible through the MIMO project. The MIMO database includes more than 55,000 instruments from collections all over the world.

Instrument catalogues

The printed catalogues of keyboard, string and wind instruments are freely accessible in digital format. Printed versions of the catalogues can be purchased through the RCM shop.

Digital exhibitions

Our interactive digital exhibitions feature many items from our collections, including pictures and recordings of many of our instruments. You can view the digital exhibitions at Google Arts & Culture.


The RCM Museum led MINIM-UK, a major international project in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music, the Horniman Museum and Gardens, and Edinburgh University Musical Instrument Museum (MIMEd) to digitise ca.20,000 musical instruments from over 200 British collections.


Art UK

Art UK presents over 200,000 artworks from 3,250 public art collections across the United Kingdom. The Royal College of Music’s collection of paintings can be viewed on ArtUK via our profile page.