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Search tips / Terms of use

General tips

To use wildcards when performing a search, use the “*” operator before or after a string of characters.

Basic searching

To perform a basic search, type one or more words in the search box marked “Search the Collections”.

A basic search will query all key fields of information about objects, including object types, descriptions, and the subjects of iconography, therefore results can take a while to appear. For example, a search for ‘guitar’ will return not only musical instruments, but also objects where guitars are depicted, such as in paintings or drawings.

To do a more specific search, use the advanced search tool, and/or use the Refine search facets in your search results.

‘+’ and ‘-‘ operators can be used to help refine your search queries. For example, a search for:

+cosman +guitar

returns only drawings by the artist Milein Cosman which feature a guitar.

Refine search

When reviewing search results, select the Object typeProduction place, Creator, and Category facet drop-downs to refine your results further.

Terms of use

Material published on these web pages is copyright of the Royal College of Music and may not be reproduced without prior permission, except in the following cases.

Non-commercial use

We encourage re-use of information on the Museum’s collections for non-commercial, educational, and research purposes. Content and images from the Museum catalogue regarding our collections and objects may be re-used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Licence.

Attribution should be given to the source of the information, in the following format:

  • Title of the content
  • Author/creator of the content (Royal College of Music Museum)
  • Name of the copyright holder (Royal College of Music, except where otherwise indicated)
  • Details of the Creative Commons licence under which the content is reused
  • Link to the page our website from which the image was taken or webpage address if a printed publication
  • Details of any alternations to the content (cropping of images, extracted quotations, etc.)

Using our images

If you wish to use images for any of the following purposes, or require high-resolution images, please contact our image licensing partner, ArenaPAL:

  • Content for use in publications
  • Content for broadcast, commercial website and digital use
  • Content for use on book jackets, book covers and website home pages
  • Content for use in exhibition displays or catalogues
  • Content for use on any commercial products or packaging
  • Content for use in advertising, marketing and promotion